Tire Storage

June 10 2019,

Tire Storage

Tire Storage at Cowell Volkswagen

3-Season Summer Winter

3-season tires

Summer tires

Winter tires

  • Balanced for wet and dry performance with acceptable traction in light winter weather.
  • Has modest tread depth to reduce noise and increase comfort.
  • Can have longer tread life than tires designed for a specific season.
  • Primarily for performance vehicles, these tires provide better control, agility and stability.
  • Fewer tire grooves results in higher grip levels on wet and dry roads.
  • Provides greater flexibility and optimum performance in summer temperatures.
  • Provides better traction on dry roads, ice, snow and slush in colder temperatures
  • Has an aggressive tread design and siping (slits) to bite snow and push away water and slush.
  • Rubber compound stays flexible in cold weather conditions.

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Wheel and TIre Packages

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