Making the Move to an All-Electric Volkswagen

April 11 2019, Cowell Volkswagen

Making the Move to an All-Electric Volkswagen

DC Fast Charging – getting your e-Golf ready for any adventure is easy with DC Fast Charging. Simply plug it in to a fast-charging station and you’ll be ready to go in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. This means there’s less time charging and more time driving.

Convenient charging – whether you’re charging in the comfort of garage, at a designated fast-charging station or just plugging into a charger at the office, keeping your e-Golf charged is simple and convenient.

Regenerative braking modes – every e-Golf features four adjustable stages of battery repercussion that you can cycle through with a simple flick of the shifter. Each mode recuperates energy that you’d lose in a conventional vehicle and recharges your battery – because in the e-Golf, even stopping keeps you going.

201 KM Range – the e-Golf comes with a range of 201 km and a suite of cold-weather features that’ll keep you going. One charge is all it takes to be set for wherever the day takes you. And with the PlugShare map on your center console letting you know where the closest charging stations are located; you’ll always be prepared for whatever the day may bring.


100kW/134 HP electric motor and 214 lb-ft torque takes you from 0 – 100km/h in 9.6 seconds. Powerful performance is always available at the push of the pedal.

e-Golf Technology

BEV technology –Electric vehicles have many perks that not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but also make your life easier. EV motor’s produce zero harmful emissions and greenhouse gases while driving, and require minimal additional maintenance. Even though the technology is advanced, the experience of owning an electric vehicle is quite simple!

Available Discover Pro 9.2 the 9.2 inch display is the best center display yet – allow for the user to swipe through songs with gesture control feature.

Climatronic – you and your passenger both have the option to adjust your temperature – but when the passenger leaves, or there is no passenger to begin with the climatronic is disabled. This is just one of the ways the e-Golf works to take you farther while using less.

e-Manager – nobody likes getting into a cold car on a cold morning. You can set the e-Manager to when you’re planning to depart and set to a desired temperature and the e-Golf will heat up while connected to the grid – rather using battery power

Heat pump and heated windshield – Canadian weather can be tricky to predict, and the e-Golf is ready for whatever it has in store. The heated windshield is humidity controlled and can rapidly defog and thaw with use of the blower or fan. The heat pump takes surrounding air and waste heat form the drivetrain and filters it for the cabin.all-electric volkswagen e-golf

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts, battery-powered cars and gas-electric plug-in hybrids are poised to grow so fast that, by 2040, they’ll make up more than half of vehicles sold globally. To make its electric vehicles more viable, Volkswagen is making huge progress in reducing production costs in order to make electric vehicles more viable. Volkswagen has stated they will be able to use “leapfrogging cost advantages” to profitably sell electric cars at competitive prices.

Volkswagen has changed very little about the Golf when creating the 2017 e-Golf. It’s the same great Golf you’ve come to know and love, in fact, the only thing left out is the tailpipe. But with all the power behind its 115-horsepower electric motor, we don’t think you’ll miss it. Oh yeah, did we mention there is 40 standard and custom colours to choose from? Starting at $35,995 and with government incentives, it has never been easier to own an all-electric vehicle.

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